About Ortholife

OrthoLife is a market leading cutting edge manufacturer of Orthopaedic Products.

Our simple mission is “ Better Quality Orthopaedic Products for a Better Quality Life”

OrthoLife products are of the highest quality and are available worldwide through various distributors.

OrthoLife is continuously looking to expand its business globally and welcomes the opportunity to work with you

Here is how we can help you as an Orthopaedic Brace dealer, importer and stockist. Whether you are a catalogue company, a website, have a brick and mortar location, have outside sales representatives, or any combination of the above, we’re here to help you in any way we can!

Increase your traffic, sales and profit margin with OrthoLife.

Why Ortholife
Global ?

  • OrthoLife sells through a global network of dealers
  • Products are superbly packaged to be sold wholesale or retail
  • No minimum orders to increase your cash flow and reduce your stock levels
  • No drop ship fees
  • Full line of products for Orthopaedic bracing
  • Increase your profit margin with lower costs
  • With a wide portfolio, the OrthoLife brand can add value to your operation, wherever you are globally.

We are seeking distributors globally
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